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At Grove Lodge we accept internal and external referrals for endoscopy/rhinoscopy (nasal exam)/bronchoscopy (lung exam) and these can be full referrals or just standalone referrals for the procedure in isolation whilst the primary veterinary performs the rest of the investigations.


This is where we pass a small tube down into the stomach/small intestine to exam what is happening on the inside without having to go to surgery. We are able to take small biopsies to aid diagnosis and remove foreign objects in a minimally invasive manner.


We have four different sized video scopes which allow us to explore the stomachs and small intestines of large dogs and at the other extreme we can look up noses of small cats to check for grass blades or reasons for sneezing.  We can see the internal structures on a large video screen making diagnosis of subtle lesions much easier.


The main clinician involved in endoscopy at Grove Lodge is one of our Clinical Directors, Nicola Bromley BVSc Cert SAM MRCVS (Advanced Practitioner). Nicola has extensive experience of endoscopy and is happy to provide advice in all medicine cases.

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