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Grove Lodge Puppy Parties

The purpose of the Grove Lodge Puppy Party is for our clients and their puppies to have a fun time at the vets! This is particularly important for your puppy as they will have had less pleasant experiences at the vets in their short time with you, so it's important to replace those with good experiences.


The parties are usually held in the evening at either our Tarring and Southwick branches and are approximately an hour long. We encourage the whole family to come, although the parties are not suitable for children under 6 years of age.


Your puppy will enjoy some controlled off lead play and there will be an informative talk and the opportunity to ask questions.


At the end your puppy will receive a goodie bag of treats, a toy and a book packed full of useful information.


We would also recommend you take your puppy into the waiting room of any of our branches for a cuddle and a treat then leave again. This will encourage your puppy not to expect unpleasant treatments etc every time they visit the vets and will avoid you having to drag your fully grown dog through the door each time you visit!


If you would like to come along to our parties, please call the teams at either our Southwick branch on 01273 596201 or our Tarring branch on 01903 503444 for more information.